Hunter Wire is primarily a custom manufacturer, however we do stock several items:

Hangers – For years Hunter Wire has been hanging around coat rooms and closets all across the country. Constructed of heavy duty wire, our sturdy hangers are both functional and attractive. Their smooth powder coated paint  finish ensures hangers won’t snag or damage clothes while optional security features prevent theft and damage.

Shown here, powder coated in black, silver (chrome), and white:  The Standard Hanger, The All in One, and The Standard Hanger with Boot Bag Hook.

"Porky Poker" Wiener Roasting Sticks - Recycle those saggy old coat hangers and get your hands on Hunter Wire’s “Porky Poker” Wiener Roasting Sticks. Hardwood birch handles for a comfortable grip, 39” length for safe and comfortable roasting, double offset prongs to securely hold the wiener, nickel plating for durability and cleanliness, and a leather strap for convenient storage all combine to offer the finest in wiener roasting luxury. “Save the trees… use a Porky Poker please!"


Welded Mesh - available in a variety of wire sizes and spacings and sheet sizes.  Contact us for stock availability.

Wire - We inventory many sizes and grades of steel and stainless steel wire that can be supplied in coil form or cut to length. Whether you're making jewellery, fishing lures or something else entirely, contact us with your requirements.

Pet Cages - Yes, we distribute wire pet cages in a variety of sizes and styles.  For a partial listing, please see and then contact the number on the website with your questions and requirements.

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