Frequently Asked Questions

My Latin is a little rusty. What does "Nisi Dominus Frustra" mean?

Nisi Dominus Frustra means "Without the Lord, frustration."  It comes from Psalm 127:1 which says: "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.  Unless the Lord watches over the city, those who guard it stand in vain." 

This Latin phrase appears on the Edinburgh coat of arms and the owners of The Hunter Group have just enough Scottish blood in their veins to make them want to copy it.  They also believe that there is no wiser way to live life than to commit everything to the Lord.  Hence the motto.  Nisi Dominus Frustra.  Makes you want to put on a kilt and play the bagpipes.   

Do you make that here?

Almost all the products we sell are made in one of our Manitoba facilities. Some exceptions are pet cages and certain sizes  and styles of woven or welded mesh. Manitoba based manufacturers are some of the most competitive and diversified companies in the world! We are proud to be one of them. 

How soon can I get it?

We are constantly working to improve our production processes to be even more competitive but also to decrease production times. However, we are never idle. Consequently your order needs to be scheduled into our production flow. This generally only takes a few weeks, sometimes less. Not much different than some on-line websites.

How can you compete on the International Market?

Canada’s financial stability is the envy of the world and our steel mills are some of the most integrated and efficient in all the world.   Manitoba is renowned for its skilled and stable workforce. Combined with our low cost of living, abundant and inexpensive hydro electric power and geographically strategic location in the heart of the continent, we are able to produce goods and services equal in quality to anywhere else in the world at a cost that is often less. Add it all up and yes, we can compete with anyone!

Which products do you stock?

We do stock a few frequently ordered items and in house specialty items (see Products / Stock Items). But Hunter Wire specializes in small to medium runs of made to order items. That means we take your unique product specs and custom manufacture exactly what you need, when you need it, and in the quantity that is most cost effective for you.

Why so much?

This question always reminds me of the old joke about how the butcher across the street only wants $1.00 per pound for steak but we want $1.50.  When asked why you aren't buying it from the butcher across the street, the answer is "because he doesn't have any!"

Cost is relative.  We encourage our customers to buy stock, off the shelf products from the people who have them.  We are not trying to compete with Walmart.  But when the off-the-rack suit doesn't fit and you need a tailor to make it right - come to Hunter Wire.  The right size, style and colour is our specialty.

Isn’t it more expensive to buy made to order?

Having it made right is never more expensive. Hunter Wire does not try to compete with small quantities of what retailers readily carry as stock items. But when the product you want is not readily available, when you need design assistance, or when the quantity required warrants a competitive price, Hunter Wire’s efficiency and expertise will fit the bill.

I need a few springs...

For many years, Hunter Wire was in the custom spring business.  In fact, springs were one of the product lines the company was founded on.  Over the years, we realized that it was less and less a core business for us and in 2009 we made the decision to stop making springs altogether.  We still manufacture flat springs; but compression, extension and torsion springs from round wire are no longer something we can make for you.

Is there a distributor in my area?

Hunter Wire is a Winnipeg based company that regularly services customers across Canada and North America. We deal directly with each customer, ensuring the most accurate, efficient and cost effective service possible.  Contact us at 204-947-1369 or toll free within Canada or the U.S.A. at 1-800-665-0237.

How do I find you?

Hunter Wire Products Ltd.
60 Heaton Ave.
Winnipeg, MB Canada
R3B 3E3

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I will need a large quantity later, but can I get just one for now?

This is one of our most difficult requests. We understand that the design process includes a need for prototypes and for small quantities for testing and approvals. We make every reasonable effort to reduce the costs of prototypes, often producing them at cost. But the reality is they are expensive. As a custom manufacturer, we must base your costs on the actual quantity ordered and not on possible future requirements.  

What are some of the unique products you have manufactured?

While Hunter Wire is internationally known for it’s construction products, rink chairs, mesh products, fan guards and wire forming, we also supply very unique items in the course of business. Crowns for puppet kings, swimsuit underwires, custom parts for antique automobiles, giant hangers, ornamental bird cages, decorative candle holders, forms for musical instruments, ball returns for custom billiard tables, grid panels for transit benches, and wire for fishing lures, body piercing and chain mail can all become part of a day’s work. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to surprise us!